Funeral Director, Embalmer and Mortuary Science Merchandise
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Funeral service workers: you deserve printed designs, emblems and trade symbols of your own! You are valued!

Hello! This site is owned and operated by me, R.A.Monaco, a retired funeral director and embalmer.

A choice of almost ZERO mortician related t-shirts on planet earth led to this inevitable creation of our artistic company and product line. Our catalog currently includes printed t-shirts, scrubs, lab coats, garments, and accessories that express an interest, humor, and pride in one's funeral service career.


Please allow 10 days for shipping

We are based in Baltimore, MD with amazing printing and shipping partners in Michigan and California. (CustomCat and Printiful)                   

New designs added all the time!

Any size, color or other options of a design that may not appear available may be requested! Feel free to suggest or ask me about options through messenger or email! I am reachable and I am used to phone noises 24-7.

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